Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Q1 - Why does Swinks not sell direct?

A1 - Swinks sells most items (apart from a few items - like the Snackbar Mods etc) as most of the customers purchasing parts live in the USA and Europe, and Swinks is in Australia.  Therefore we make most of our items available directly from Stores like Shapeways (USA & Europe), iMaterialise (Europe) & Redbubble (USA, Europe & Australia) to keep the costs down for our customers.

Q2 - What if theRE is a Quality issue with a Shapeways / imaterialise / Redbubble manufactured part?

A2 - These companies are professionals in what they do, and they each have a quality guarantee. But if you do experience a problem simply contact them directly with your order number, as well as a short description of the issue, and a photo of the issue and they will promptly resolve the issue.

Q3 - How are the prices set by these companies?

A3 - These companies have a particular formula to determine the cost of each part and then Swinks earns a 17.5 -20% commission on any sales and paid on a monthly basis.

Q4 - Does swinks see the personal details when customers purchase from these manufacturing companies

A4 - No, Swinks only gets a email that states what was purchased but does not the customers name, address of who purchased the goods and from where.

Q5 - Does Swinks share personal details like emails?

A5 - Definitely not, your details are used  purely to be able to keep you updated with what has been recently produced or discount periods. Swinks will not sell or forward your details to anyone.

Q6 - Does Swinks offer a sales discount?

A6 - Swinks can't offer a discount via Shapeways, iMaterialise or Redbubble unless they are having a sale. If you sign up for notifications I will make you aware of any sales so you can save a little money. Swinks does offer discounts on some of their directly supplied product - especially to those that are repeat customers.

Q7 - What is a "pinball mod"?

A7 - Pinball Mods are add-on modifications / customisations for specific games made by Modders that like to show their creative side and offer creative add-on toys, fixes as well as offer painting services through to printing services.