About Us

Since 2000

Swinks was established back in 2000, in which between 2000 to 2010 was passionate & focused on creating custom Surf Furniture. Swinks purchased their first pinball in 2010 which of course was a Surf Champ, which then started the pinball bug.

In 2013 the Pinball playing and buying bug turned into creating products for pinball machines as we wanted to customise (pinball mods) and make the games unique as well started helping pinheads by reverse engineering old "un-obtainium" parts to then make available once again.

What We Do

Swinks is predominantly a creator specialising in 3D Design who makes their products available via a 3D printing Services. 

A major part of the pinball market is US & Europe based, and therefore Swinks has made many of their products available directly from a professional printing service within these countries so it is more affordable and accessible avoiding expensive postage costs from Australia, where possible.

Swinks does do limited runs of fully completed mods like the Snackbar Mod and is currently prototyping a v4  with a small production run being released soon - Dec 2019.

All parts made by Shapeways and iMaterialise are professionally 3D printed with many made in solid nylon and available in various colours to add that personal modded touch, as well as some parts available in metal options as well.

Our Services

Apart from designing and making various pinball and surfing products available for others, we also offer a custom 3D model design service in which we have assisted people and various pinball businesses since 2013 at a competitive rate. 

If you would like our help simply reach out and fill in the Contact Us section and we will be in touch.