G'day From Downunder

Here is the latest from Swinks:

- this month's works

- and old monthly releases 

Jan 2020

Banzai Run Part


Coming Soon

Snackbar Mod v4


New revised v4 of the Snackbar Mod released and sold out (limited run of 15 units) with the new magnetic lock down and RGB Neon with 120 effects built in.

Dec 2019 - This month's Works

Classic Stern Plastic Pop Bumpers


These parts have been made and checked against NOS and can confirm all parts are interchangeable.

Doctor Who Opto Carrier


Good reports from customer that the product has greatly improved the reliability with this area of the machine.

Surfing T-Shirts


I love the beach and SWINKS originally was fully focused on surfing stuff. Recently finished a heap of designs.

Pinball T-Shirts


Want to show people you are into pinball - YES - get yourself a t-shirt. Recently finished a heap of designs.

Nov 2019 - Recent Work

Classic Stern Bumper Parts


Due to a request and a kind Pinhead in the USA lending some NOS parts, these parts have now been re-engineered.

Doctor Who - MPF Target Button Channel Spreader & light baffle


Commonly these channels are warped and people have trouble with the sensors so head to the link to see a warp free bracket, as well as a insert to remove the warping or a fully upgraded channel bracket with strengtheners and sensor light baffles.

Elvira - Mods


Here are a few mods for Stern's recent released game - 2019 Elvira's House of Horrors and some of these could also be installed in to the "Elvira and the Party Monsters" or "Scared Stiff".

Ghostbusters - Containment Mod


Latest mod to be released for the 2016 Ghostbusters Pro, using the existing lighting and a simple process of purchasing parts from Shapeways and assembling you can have this mod too - the manual will be posted in the Resources section soon. Simply purchase parts and assemble.

VOX Speaker Plunger Plate


Speaker Plunger Plate for Stern's Beatles and could be used for other music pinballs.